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At Storm, we use the Roadmap as an essential tool to guide the development and growth of the company and the projects. The Roadmap was built to help Storm identify future needs and challenges and provide an overview of the efforts and investments required to achieve established goals. We use it to communicate clearly and concisely to our investors, partners, clients, and team about the vision and strategies of the company.



Research and Development: The company will invest in research and development to explore the latest web 3.0 technologies, such as blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized platforms.

Partnership and Collaboration: The company will seek partnerships and collaborations with other companies, organizations, and individuals in the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Community Building: The company will focus on building and engaging a strong community of users, developers, and stakeholders.


Development: The company will develop and launch consulting services focused on web 3.0 technologies.

Marketing and promotion: the company created a communication and digital marketing plan focused on quality content and a workshop to raise awareness focused on the services of Storm Web 3 Lab

Business development: The company will focus on developing services focused on the Web3 market, seeking new opportunities and revenue streams to support the company’s growth.

Start of operations in Europe – Lisboa – PT


Product development: The company will continue developing and refining its services based on customer feedback and testing and the innovations being created.

Community Building: The company will continue to build and engage the community, soliciting feedback and suggestions for future development.

Compliance: The company will ensure its activities comply with all relevant laws and regulations.


Scalability: The company will focus on scalability with possibilities related to launched projects, tools and business models, guaranteeing a range of action using the knowledge developed for the web 3.0 market.

Governance: The company will develop and implement a governance structure that aligns with the principles of Web 3.0, such as decentralization and community-based decision-making.

Launching: the company will launch projects supported in the community. Bringing innovation and disruptive designs.