Storm is an Art and Design Studio that operates all over the planet, composed of contemporary Brazilian artists with unique characteristics.


Connecting companies and agencies to the world of creativity through unique artists, solutions that delight everyone.


Storm Creative Studio

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that we have talented artists, designers and illustrators create through our services – Advertising campaigns, animations, motion graphic, posters, magazine covers, billboards, murals, book covers, packaging design, storyboards, conceptual art , stationery, merchandising, shop windows, children’s books and various innovative designs and impressive visual results for customers.

Founded in 2020, the studio has as its central pillar the look, characteristics and striking styles of the artists and designers selected for their unique passions and artistic productions.

Through an international management of the careers of artists and projects with major worldwide studios, Storm Creative Studio works exclusively for clients. In the spotlight, we are represented by one of the largest artist agencies in the world, Illozoo.

It is worth mentioning that Storm Creative Studio is the connection of companies to the world of creativity through unique artists. We create fantastic universes, extraordinary worlds and solutions that delight the eyes of this planet we call Earth.

Storm Creative Studio generates Innovation, Creativity and Competitive Advantage through Art and Design for companies and agencies. You are an art director and are interested in hiring the works of Storm Creative Studio. It is important to note that we will be happy to discuss your project and creative needs. We will invest all efforts to make your project an award winner.

Also, if you are a corporate customer and are not sure what style, approach and visual impact you are trying to achieve. We will review your project, offer complete management and artistic direction solutions for your project.

Studio operates in the following segments of the Entertainment, Corporate, Advertising and Cultural markets. It is part of the Storm

That way, just contact us or send an email and we’ll take care of the rest.


Whatsapp for contact: +55 19 99770.6336