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Connecting you to the world of creativity.

Welcome to Storm. We are a contemporary illustration studio that combines emerging and veteran illustrators from Latin America.

Storm offers a unique style, technique, and creative visual solution for clients in the advertising, design, publishing, corporate, fashion, and gaming industries.

Our award-winning and exceptionally talented illustrators have created advertising campaigns, posters, magazine covers, billboards, murals, book covers, packaging design, storyboards, conceptual art, stationery, merchandising, window displays, children’s books, and various innovative designs, resulting in visually stunning and impressive outcomes for clients.

If you are an art director interested in hiring our work, we would be happy to discuss your project and creative needs and invest all efforts in making your project an award-winning success.

If you are a corporate client and unsure about the style, approach, and visual impact you are trying to achieve, we will review your project and offer complete solutions for your visual concept.

Just contact us or send an email, and we will take care of the rest.


Whatsapp for contact: +55 19 99770.6336

About Studio Art Storm

How Studio Art Storm started:

The Storm Spaceship was built and launched on May 17, 2020, to connect artists to the world of creativity through inspiring projects. Within the first few months, Storm was represented by one of the world’s most prominent artist agencies,, which provided access to major brands in the art and illustration market, such as Disney, Sony, FOX, National Geographic, Capstone, Netflix, Riot, and LOL.

In August 2021, new horizons for the Storm spaceship became possible. A new universe was discovered, the WEB 3.0 world, where GAMES became part of our missions and research. We began developing projects and organizing Storm for Web 3.0 game projects. We created our work methodology and tested our capabilities and structure successfully.

At Storm, there are now three major areas of activities and services, namely the Traditional Studio, which involves projects in the entertainment, publishing, business, and cultural sectors with services based on Art, Illustration, and Design.

The area we call Creative Lab Web3 works with high technology, developing innovation and Web3 projects that connect and strengthen brands and their communities through innovative projects.

The Services area offers consulting and advisory services for managing, planning, and operating creative projects.

What do we do?

Connecting you to the world of creativity.

We are your connection to the world of creativity. We connect brands, technology, artists, illustrators, and designers to their communities through creative projects. Different experiences involving art, technology, and lots of storytelling.

Art is the central pillar of every person who connects and participates in these unique experiences, whether it be a book, an illustration, an animation, or a Web3 project. We look at the new and new ways to connect companies to the world of creativity.

The aesthetics and styles of artists, illustrators, and designers are always preserved, as we know that every visual construction is part of the vision of these creative beings, the journey of each one on this planet. We guide projects so companies and clients can participate in these visions and connect even more with their communities and fans.

This way, we manage, create, plan, and organize all stages of this creative journey.

STORM Methodology

Project execution – fast, without bureaucracy, and transparent.

Using clear work methodologies from Design and market technology methodologies such as SPRINT and SCRUM, we facilitate delivery and streamline processes to deliver faster and generate possibilities for better development.

The phases we have in the process of building artwork are:

  • Contract & Briefing
  • Sketch
  • Line Art
  • Coloring
  • Finalization

The client is constantly involved in this process through customer service. Additionally, for more complex projects and those involving multiple artists, we use an art director function for the project lead and integration among those involved.


On this journey, we have won over international clients with projects in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Clients who believed in us and helped us build connections with the world of creativity!

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