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Characters Concept Art

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Character - Art Game Outsourcing
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We meticulously design characters that are multi-dimensional and have a profound impact on the player’s experience. We delve into their personalities, motivations, and potential story arcs to create well-rounded and relatable individuals that players can truly invest in.

Skins & Recoloring

In addition to crafting captivating base character designs, we also excel in creating a wide variety of skins and outfits. These customization options allow players to personalize their characters, enhancing immersion and fostering a sense of individuality within your game world.


If your project involves mechanical entities, we have you covered. Our team specializes in designing sleek and powerful mechs that exude both functionality and aesthetic appeal. We consider their purpose, capabilities, and visual integration within the game world to create dynamic and visually striking mechanical entities.


Our talented artists bring fantastical creatures to life, adding depth and wonder to your virtual world. From mythical beasts to unique and imaginative creatures, we carefully consider their anatomy, behavior, and role within the narrative to create visually stunning and believable creatures.


Dive into Diversity: Our Three Artistic Styles – Cartoon, Stylized, and Realistic

At Storm Creative Studio, we pride ourselves on being a creative hub that thrives on diversity and versatility. Explore our portfolio to discover three distinct and captivating artistic styles: Cartoon, Stylized, and Realistic.






Using clear work methodologies from Design and market technology methodologies such as SPRINT and SCRUM, we facilitate delivery and streamline processes to deliver faster and generate possibilities for better development.

The phases we have in the process of building artwork are:

  • Contract & Briefing
  • Sketch
  • Line Art
  • Coloring
  • Finalization

The client is constantly involved in this process through customer service. Additionally, for more complex projects and those involving multiple artists, we use an art director function for the project lead and integration among those involved.


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